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We pride ourselves on promoting horticulture and inspiring people to make the earth a greener place. Our mission is to circulate first-hand plant care knowledge and provide recommendations to make our houseplants thrive and flourish.

We are a group of enthusiastic gardeners and plant lovers who co-founded this website in 2021. We intend to make a positive impact on the lives of our readers by spreading green love. Our mission is to provide in-depth knowledge and share our planting experience to help people successfully grow plants.

We also offer recommendations for the finest selections of houseplants, practical tools, and care and grow products to make gardening a pleasing experience. Our goal is to ensure all plant lovers can effectively grow vegetation according to their space and budget.

You will find the website beneficial and interesting if;
· You want to start or improve an indoor garden
· You want to have a lawn which makes people awe
· You love to grow your vegetable or weed crop indoors or outdoors

We at Plants Insights blend knowledge and experience and present the solutions to you right here.

About the Team:

Lisa Cameron

Lisa Cameron

Writer and Plant Lover

Hi, I’m Lisa from Missouri. Growing up on a farm gave me the green thumb that has never gone away. I love plants, and working with them is what brings me joy every day. My passion is to live in a world where everyone is creating gorgeous outboard spaces from nature’s bounties or growing flowers indoors all year round. I hope to make a difference by sharing my knowledge through Plants Insights.

Michael Crane

Gardener and Herbalist

I’m a herbalist and gardener from Tennessee who loves learning about native plants. Being outside in the garden or on mountain tops is where I am happiest.
Gardening provides us with healthy food as well as connects us to nature. I’m planting many of my herbs indoors and outdoors, and I believe I can help you all grow your produce in your homes.

Harold Murphy