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We pride ourselves on promoting horticulture and inspiring people to make the earth a greener place. Our mission is to circulate first-hand plant care knowledge and provide recommendations to keep the houseplants flourishing.

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alocasialongiloba - watsoniana, grandis, veitchii

Alocasia Longiloba | Watsoniana, Grandis, Veitchii & Longiloba Siver Care

Hello, fantastic plant parents! We are going to share the care guide of Alocasia Longiloba, another astonishing Aroid. Alocasia Longiloba is a tropical, tuberous flowering plant, another astonishing member of the Araceae family, to give a tropical feel to a…

alocasia frydek - green velvet alocasia

Alocasia ‘Frydek’ | Green Velvet Alocasia Care Tips

Alocasia Frydek (Alocasia Micholitziana ‘Maxkowskii’) is an astounding and breathtaking member of the Alocasia family that has gained popularity over the last few years due to its flawless soft velvety foliage. This striking plant is known as Green Velvet due…

Alocasia Zebrina

Alocasia Zebrina | Reticulata,Variegata & Zebrina Tiger Care Guide

Alocasia Zebrina is stunning tropical vegetation and serves as exotic ornamental beauty indoors and outdoors. Unlike other Alocasias, the highlight of the plant is not the foliage but the striking zebra-like striped stems or petioles. Zebrina Alocasia features the iconic…

Ctenanthe Setosa Compact Star | Calathea Setosa

Ctenanthe Setosa Compact Star | Never Never Plant Care Tips

Ctenanthe Setosa Compact Star is a splendid clump-forming house plant exhibiting long striped, lush green, and striking variegated foliage. The distinctive Setosa Compact Star, also known as the Never-Never plant, is native to Brazil and an eye-catching member of the…

Alocasia Cucullata| Chinese Taro plant

Alocasia Cucullata | Chinese Taro Care & Propagation Guide

The Araceae family includes many fascinating houseplants, and Alocasia Cucullata is one of them exhibiting radiant, tropical foliage. It is a dazzling and evergreen beauty with a compact growth habit, making it suitable for smaller places to create a harmonious…

Alocasia Cucullata | Chinese Taro Care & Propagation Guide

Alocasia Macrorrhiza (Giant Taro) | Elephant Ear Plant Care

Alocasia Macrorrhiza is a remarkable beauty, featuring extravagant, colossal glossy green leaves with prominent midrib and ruffled edges. It is most commonly known as Giant Taro or locally named as Badiang, but it’s also called by several other names, including…

phiodendron propagation - in water, soil, leca & more

Philodendron Propagation | In Water, LECA , Soil & More

The addition of charming and endearing indoor plants trailing along shelves or hanging off a windowsill is always refreshing and soothing. That is why people opt for ornamental house plants that emit a positive and sensational tropical jungle vibe and…

alocasia wentii | new guinea shield plant

Alocasia Wentii ‘New Guinea Shield’ Care Guide

Hello, Dear Gardeners, You will find many exquisite Alocasia plants, and Alocasia Wentii is one of the stunning foliage plant. Pant lovers cherish many plants from the Araceae family, but Alocasia Wentii is adored for its huge, thick, glossy dark…

Alocasia Bisma | Care Guide for Alocasia Platinum

Alocasia Bisma | Care Guide for Alocasia Platinum

Araceae is among the most famous families of indoor ornamental plants worldwide, and Alocasia Bisma is a distinguished member of this family. It is also commonly known as Emerald Dragon Scale and Alocasia Platinum. This nature’s bounty has beautiful vibe-emitting,…

alocasia baginda dragon scale - jewel alocasia care

Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale | Jewel Alocasia Care

Greetings Alocasia Lovers!! Are you a staunch plant lover and looking for something exclusive and elegant? Then no need to search for anything other than Alocasia Baginda Dragon Scale- an exquisite Jewel Alocasia. This spectacular Alocasia plant is adored for…