Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room and Grow Tents

Once you set up your grow room or tent and start cultivating some plants and weeds, you will begin sensing some sharp pungent smells around your household. Indoor plant cultivation, including cannabis, requires the use of fertilizers, nutrients, and pesticides, among other things. While it might provide certain advantages, it can also produce an unpleasant stench. The lingering odor may be strong and permeable even outside the grow tent. This is why you must invest in the best carbon filter for grow room and grow tents.

Best Carbon Filter for Grow Room

The major purpose of a carbon filter is to remove contaminants from the external environment, which is essential for odor control. In addition to odor control, a carbon filter will aid in the removal of chemicals that might cause plant illnesses. Through the ventilation it offers, airborne pathogens may be kept out of the grow room, so encouraging optimal plant health. Carbon filters are available in two distinct kinds. The first is a standalone carbon filter. The second one, a carbon filter fan combination, it’s more easy to choose.

Top 3 Picks:

If you are in the market for a carbon filter, you should know which one is the best air purifier carbon filter. But picking one of the finest might be difficult, so we created this list of 7 best activated carbon filter for grow tents to assist you.

Here are our top recommended carbon filters for grow rooms.

VIVOSUN 6-Inch filter


Duct Size-4/6/8/ inches
Air Flow-200/600/912 CFM
Noise Level-55 dB
Dimension 6” × 18”

AC Infinity filter

AC Infinity 

Duct Opening: 4”
Airflow Rating: 210 CFM
Carbon Thickness: 38mm
Length 13″

G hydro carbon filter for air filtration

G Hydro Carbon Filter

Fit for 4″ inline fans
Reversible Flange 4×14″
Filter Type Activated Carbon
Dimension 6″D x 7″W x 14″H

Best Carbon Filter 2022

We will discuss every piece of indoor growing equipment. Today, however, we will examine carbon filters comprehensively, including their functions, buying considerations, and other factors. After rigorous research and testing 24 carbon filters for grow rooms, we’ve come up with the 7 best activated carbon air filter for grow tent. These will provide the best rate of return.

VIVOSUN 6-Inch Carbon Filter

VIVOSUN 6-Inch carbon filter

The VIVOSUN 6-Inch Air Carbon Filter, built with imported Virgin Australian activated charcoal, features a 1050+ RC-48 carbon bed with ideal surface area per carbon particle. Allowing it to trap three times as many carbon particles as the industry average. This carbon filter shielded me from chemical irritants. It got rid of aromas from my houseplants, as well as those from the bathroom, kitchen, basement, and pretty much anything else. It can provide 450-500 CFM of airflow.

The filter blades are removable and reversible for maximum flexibility. Thanks to the double layer of mesh, I was able to increase ventilation by 53 per cent. A carbon filter belt is provided as well. A four-inch, a six-inch, and an eight-inch model are all available to me. Compared to comparable carbon filters of a similar size, the VIVOSUN 6-Inch Air Carbon Filter is two inches longer.

VIVOSUN Carbon filter is 6″ x 18,” which is larger than the standard size for filters, which is 6″ x 16. This filter served as an air intake filter and an exhaust one. There was also a complimentary velcro pre-filter belt. To put it simply, VIVOSUN has excellent customer service. If you happen to receive a defective filter, VIVOSUN will replace it for you.

VIVOSUN 6-inch aircarbon filter installed in my VIVOSUN grow tent

The first time I set this up, I placed the filter on the ground (intake option) outside the tent, with the fan atop it and ducting leading inside the tent. The fan was easily stored in the filter; the only apparent noise was a moderate hum. But, there was a slight floral or plant odour when I got close to the filter.

The current system consists of a filter inside a tent suspended over the plants. And the ducting leads right to the fan outside the tent. There is no odour coming from the fan. Its sturdy build makes it the best carbon cabin air filter.

  • Higher-quality carbon.
  • Eliminate odors effectively.
  • Consists of a free pre-filter.
  • Simple and quick setup.
  • Durable.
  • Occasionally, filter raises the temperature within your grow tent.

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4″

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter 4"

The AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter’s premium-grade Australian Virgin charcoal bed, with a rating of 1200+ IAV, has higher absorption and a longer lifespan, making it ideal for grow tents and hydroponic grow rooms to get rid of odors and pollutants. Pore-sized RC-412 activated carbon was used to make the air filter because of its excellent absorption capacity.

An aluminum netting lining the interior and the outside body allows maximum airflow while reducing CFM loss. It is estimated that 410 cubic feet per minute of air may pass through this filter. The included pre-filter cloth is a reusable cover that keeps the filter free of carbon residue and makes maintenance a breeze. It’s machine washable and slides over the mesh upper body—carbon filter built with aluminum meshing, cloth pre-filter, and heavy-duty stainless steel hooks.

By switching the orientation of the flanges, you can double the filter’s service life. Charcoal beds 60 mm thick and 55% open mesh area are possible thanks to their excellent category “and surface area ratings. This combination extends the carbon filter’s useful life by as much as 33 per cent and allows a greater absorption rate without affecting airflow.

AC Infinity Air Carbon Filter is available in five different sizes (4 inches, 6 inches, 8 inches, 10 inches and 12 inches) and has a modern design suitable for grow tent farming. I am using this product for my grow tent to grow tomatoes and drying cannabis flowers for a few months now, and I am quite happy with my purchase. The AC Infinity fan has been removing any tomato plant odor and knocking out the smell of drying cannabis flower in a small grow tent.

  • Affordable.
  • It may be used as either an intake or an exhaust filter.
  • Comes with pre filter to remove dust particles before they reach the carbon filter.
  • Scrubs odors and chemicals in smoking lounges, kitchens, grow tents
  • Might be too heavy for use with a lightweight grow tent

  G Hydro Carbon Filter

  G Hydro Carbon Filter

The G Hydro Air Carbon Filter is a miracle worker. This amazing filter comes in two sizes 4 inch and 6 inch and ensures the air passing through it is completely purified with the use of finest Australian activated charcoal. The carbon charcoal inside the filter is of 1050+ RC 48 rating and will remove the odors three times more effectively as compared to standard filters.

We have had success using it with a 4″ inline fan, which can push up to 500 CFM. Also, if you’d prefer a bigger size, you can use the model in 6″ size. It can function as both an intake and exhaust filter. G Hydro builds the unit out of steel rounded mesh with a ventilation rate of 52%. G Hydro also provides a pre filter also to improve the overall life of the filter.

All my plants’ unpleasant scents have been eliminated since I started using G Hydro filter. That’s great since I’m an aggressive indoor grower and had always struggled to keep home ambience free of unpleasant odors.

  g hydro carbon filter installed in grow tent

You should use this filter as it is one of the best carbon filter available in the market and is guaranteed to endure a long time.

  • Galvanized steel body will last longer.
  • It can handle up to 500 CFM, which is more than most carbon filters.

iPower Air Carbon Filter

 iPower Air Carbon Filter

Among the most absorbing carbons on the market is the Australian RC-412 Activated Carbon, and the iPower Air Carbon Filter uses this material. For improved performance and absorption, prefilter is also included in the package. The filter is effective in removing pathogens and unpleasant smells from the air. The filter comes in multiple sizes from 4 inches to 12 inches in black and silver color options.

The aluminum used in the carbon filter cap is of the highest quality, ensuring it will survive many seasons. Due to its aluminum construction, this carbon filter is 50% lighter than alternatives.

To keep the filter in good working order pre-filter should be changed every 6 months. The inner and outer mesh has a 53% open area, allowing more airflow. Thanks to its reversible ring and base, you can install it in any direction, and the design is flexible enough to function as an intake or exhaust filter.

The filter comes with a 2-year replacement warranty. This filter is a best fir for ducts and inline fans from iPower. My expectations were not very high in the beginning as it was a budget-friendly filter.

However, iPower filters have generally performed exceptionally considering the cost, so I think you’ll be satisfied with these if you don’t have particularly high standards and are only using them in a modest setting. It is the best budget carbon filter! This little man may be on the tiny side, but he packs a big punch.

  • It has a built-in flange that fits most inline or laminar air flow on the market. Auto shutoff.
  • The base is made of high-quality aluminum.
  • Light weight design.
  • It has a base and flange that can be turned around to make it last longer.
  • Some customers complained of difficulties in fitting this carbon filter.
  •  Less sturdy due to aluminum construction

VIVOSUN 8-Inch Air Carbon Fan Filter Combination

VIVOSUN 8-Inch Air Carbon Fan Filter Combination

The inline duct fan from VIVOSUN, the 8-Inch 720 CFM Inline Duct Fan with 8-Inch Carbon Filter, features a powerful fan with a speed of 2450 RPM and a CFM rating of 720. It has a low noise output of 37 dB. The combo is developed to provide the optimal possible thrust while making the least possible noise.

If you prefer complete silence, it is your best bet. Its well-balanced blades allow for greater air intake and exhaust. The motor’s bearing is permanently oiled; thus, it never needs to be serviced. The material used to construct the fan’s casing is sturdy.

Additionally, it includes a variable speed regulator. A 1050+ RC-48 Australian Virgin charcoal bed forms the 8″ 22″ excellent carbon filter, which provides powerful odour control to remove offensive odors and other undesired particles from grow tents. Every six months, you’ll need to swap out the supplied pre-filter. With its reversible flange and base and 53% open area, the carbon filter can go for another year after the initial installation. Two belts are included with the system, and the assembly instructions are simple.

This system can function as an exhaust or an intake filter, and it has four alternative setups. Very well constructed; very sturdy. No black powder was escaping from the container. It’s great to have a little more area to work with (4″ longer than most competitors). The sock’s sturdy construction and snug fit make it the best carbon filter air purifier for grow room.

  • Larger, 8-inch size for larger systems
  • Includes a fan with a variable speed controller
  • Simple to set up
  • Great value for the money.
  • Fan may not work properly.

  TerraBloom 4″ Air Filter 

 TerraBloom 4" Air Filter 

The filter was packaged securely and arrived quickly. The 4inch filter from Terrabloom works well with small size grow tents and can effectively and efficiently clean air flow up to 350 CFM. The filter uses highest quality Australian virgin charcoal, and the thickness of carbon bed is 1.8”. This increased thickness result in better air filtration and longer life span as compared to its competitors.

The filter construction is sturdy, both filter mesh and flanges are made of steel for durability. The perforated steel mesh design allows for high flow through the filter. The filter comes with two prefilters in white and black colors, so you are good to go with pre filter supplies of one year. The pre-filter is easily removable and washable, maintaining the filter’s efficiency and extending its life

The filter is usable both as intake or exhaust. You can set a ducted fan on top, or hang them from the ceiling. We hang the unit at the top of my plants in my 4’x4′ grow tent during our trials and ventilated using a 4 “in-line fan installed outside the tent. The filter performed exceptionally well the whole season and I never smelled any odor, not even during the fragrant flowering phase. The reversible flange is a wonderful bonus, as it will allow me to use it for a little longer.

4inch filter from terrabloom installed in grow tent

The TerraBloom filters also come in 6-inch and 8-inch sizes and considering the performance of the 4 inch one I will consider the bigger ones in future. If the quality of these filters continues to be consistent, I will continue to buy them.

  • Best suited for small-to-medium grow rooms.
  • Excellent filtering performance.
  • Comes with two prefilters.
  • Heavy to use with a small grow tent.

Phresh Carbon Filter

  Phresh Carbon Filter

Carbon filters are another impressive product which is available in 4, 6 and 8-inches sizes. Phresh filters employ Australian RC-48 activated charcoal for effective removal of pathogens and odors from ventilation air. The carbon layer thickness is 1.8 inch making filtration very effective,

The steel mesh is designed to have 51% opening to maintain optimum flow through the filter. The flanges are made of aluminum to reduce the overall weight. The filter comes with a pre filter cover which is washable and reusable. The prefilter can be easily installed by using elastic bands that come along with the package.

It is extremely convenient to use the Phresh filters because of less weight as compared to standard filters. The filter element is having a prolonged useful life and will last over two years if you have a less humid environment. The life filter life will reduce in presence of more humid climate.

I was satisfied with my purchase of 4in Phresh filter as the filter lasted more than two years and performed satisfactorily during its lifetime. It’s an effective, easy to handle and long lasting product that you can opt for your grow tent or room.

  • Light weight
  • Conical air pathway design
  • Easy to install
  • Long filter element life
  • Price is high.

iPower 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control

iPower 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter

iPower 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter Odor Control is best suited for small-to-medium grow rooms. I purchased the filter few months back. Packaged safely and arrived quickly. The set of 4 “a flange included to hook up your fan too. The odors have been eliminated thanks to the effective dust filter provided. You can set a ducted fan on top, or hang them from the ceiling, to complete the setup. We hang the unit at the top of my 4’x4′ grow tent during our trials. And ventilated using a 4 “in-line fan installed outside the tent.

My garage has an exhaust duct that exits through the roof into an 8 ” hole. I never smelled any odour, not even during the fragrant flowering phase. The pre-filter cover is easily removed and cleaned, displaying the filter’s efficiency and extending its life. The reversible flange is a wonderful bonus, as it will allow me to use it for a little longer than just the final four months of my grow this year. Also, I tried it in my dry tent, which uses the 8-inch vent; the same outcomes are there.

If the quality of these filters continues to be consistent, I will continue to buy iPower 8 Inch Air Carbon Filter. The price was fair, considering these were advertised as “budget-minded” filters.

  • Best suited for small-to-medium grow rooms.
  • Excellent filtering performance.
  • Excellent durability.
  • The design is lightweight.
  • Could be too heavy to use with a small grow tent.

Carbon Filter Buying Guide

What Is An Inline Carbon Filter?

Carbon filters are used to neutralize or eliminate smells produced by plants. Typically, a carbon filter requires an inline fan in order to function correctly. The fan pulls air into the carbon filter, which contains activated carbon that purifies the air. If you already have a fan, pick a carbon filter that is compatible. Specifically, you should concentrate on the duct width. You can purchase fan and filter combo that includes everything in your odor-removal system.

Factors to Look for In a Carbon Filter

We believe it’s crucial for us to discuss the factors we took into consideration while evaluating these carbon filters. In this manner, you will be aware of what to search for while purchasing your own.


Performance and longevity of the carbon filter are dependent on the quality of the raw materials used in its construction. Excellent materials may be more costly, but they are always well worth the extra expense.


Choose a product with several applications to maximize your investment. If you require an inline or exhaust fan in addition to a carbon filter, carbon filter fan combo may be your best choice.


It is tempting to buy an inexpensive product. It may be affordable, but if it loses effectiveness, it is worthless. Attempt to achieve a balance between price and quality.


This is essential if you want peace of mind. During the warranty term, it is guaranteed to be free from faults. Otherwise, the manufacturer has your back and will ensure your complete pleasure.


Presently, many carbon filters are bundled with pre-filters that are placed outside the carbon filter. This pre-filter aids in preventing dust particles from entering the carbon filter. This will not only extend the life of the carbon filter, but also the inline fan and any other equipment used with the carbon filter.

Carbon Thickness:

When the carbon is thicker, the absorption is increased, making the carbon filter more efficient in odor control. Because thicker carbon filters are more effective, you may have to pay a higher price.


With small carbon filters, operational noise and vibration are reduced. These carbon filters are more effective in absorbing odors and transporting them to the carbon granules. Unlike those with air gaps in between, this variety is more effective at absorbing odors.


Although it may be tempting to purchase cheap carbon filters, it is preferable to spend more money on carbon filters of superior quality and durability. Compared to their rivals, robust carbon filters provide superior performance and a longer lifespan, as well as less maintenance.

How to Choose the Right Size of Carbon Filter?

When choosing the size and filter for your grow room, you will need to calculate its cubic footage. This may be accomplished by multiplying the length by its breadth and height.In an ideal case, all of your air should be replaced every minute.

Therefore, your ventilation system including the carbon filter and fan shall be able to displace the required air volume in the stipulated time. You can calculate the air flow (CFM) requirement as follow and then select the suitable filter that can cater for this flow requirement.

  • Measure your tent length, width, and height in feet
  • Multiply the three dimensions to get the tent volume. Volume= Length x Width x Height
  • Three times the tent volume will be the CFM requirement of your Grow Tent, and you can select the filter as per the CFM requirement.

How Do Carbon Filters Work?

There are a variety of materials carbon filters use, but most use charcoal. It’s a porous material and useful for many things like getting rid of certain gases in the air to being used as lining for face masks.

Active carbon has a massive surface area with hundreds of pores. These pores can trap molecules from the air through a process known as adsorption. This process allows molecules like dust, dirt, and odor molecules to stick to the carbon, preventing them from traveling freely back into the air.

How Do Carbon Filters Work?

Of course, air doesn’t just float into the carbon to be filtered. You force the odorous molecules from your grow room to stick to the active carbon within your carbon filter with an exhaust fan. The fan pulls all the air in your grow room and pushes it through the filter, effectively keeping dust and odor molecules from escaping and spreading odors outside in your grow room or grow tent system.

Benefits of Carbon Filters:

The activated carbon filter is also referred to as charcoal filter which consists of activated carbon, that usually comes in powder or granular form. The activated carbon filter is formerly known as HEGA or High Efficiency Gas Absorption filter. This carbon has millions of absorbent pores that are too tiny, making them too porous and absorbent. Carbon air filter is a popular filtration system for VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds. If you are just starting to have your own grow room, know that having an air carbon filter can bring about a lot of benefits. Some of these are the following:

Manages odor:

A carbon filter does a great job of clearing the impurities in the air and this is so beneficial if you have a grow room. With the use of a carbon filter, you will find it easier to manage the odor in your room. Growing plants in your room would also mean that you need to use fertilizers, pesticides and nutrients. These things are important for the growth of your plants indoors. However, it could also cause foul odor to circulate through the air inside your room.

If left unabated, this foul odor can become too strong, enough to spread pollutants through the air. A carbon filter is made up of an active carbon. This is the kind of carbon that was oxygen-treated. Since it consists of highly porous charcoal that enables air to pass through it, odor is also trapped. Therefore, that foul smell will not be able to escape since the carbon filter is capable of absorbing the majority of the smell.

Aids in ventilation:

If your air carbon filter also comes with a fan, it will keep your plants properly oxygenated. If you have a DIY ventilation system, you may choose to install carbon filter with a fan. The abundance of airflow is also helpful in regulating the temperature of the immediate environment of the plants. Not to mention the improvement of air quality as well. Good ventilation is crucial to grow rooms because it allows more cool and fresh air to come in while keeping warm air out.

Eliminates Airborne Pathogens:

It is also important for the process of getting rid of chemicals, compounds, and airborne pathogens that either stop your plants from growing or kill them outright. Carbon air filters will help get rid of airborne pathogens in your room by letting in fresh air. Because of this, you can expect your plants to be in good health.

Ozone absorption:

Ozone is the main contributor to smog that is prevalent in cities. If you have plants in your room, ozone can also wreak havoc with it. Having too much ozone is not healthy for your plants as well. Unfortunately, ozone buildup can happen so fast, especially if you have plants indoors. Thus, you need to have a carbon filter indoor. Having a best air purifier with activated carbon filter in your grow room will increase your chances of getting high quality yields.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you intend to buy a carbon filter for the first time, the following are the few questions that might interest you as these questions came to my mind first time I purchased a carbon filter for my grow tent.

Should I use a pre-filter?

Carbon and HEPA filters should be used with pre-filters so that larger particles don’t get pulled into the main filter and stop it from filtering. This will shorten the life of the filter.

Can you wash the carbon filters?

No, washing them will ruin them and make the carbon useless.

How do I know if my carbon filter is working?

Take the carbon filter out of your purifier. Smell the carbon filter by bringing the centre of it up to your nose (within 1-3 cm). A saturated carbon filter needs to be replaced if you notice a sour, acidic, or chemical smell.

How do I reactivate my carbon filter?

The carbon can be reactivated by heating it to 200 to 400 degrees.

How long carbon do filters last?

High-quality models which include profilers’ may last for two years or longer, while some may only last for a few months before the carbon media needs to be replaced.

Will a carbon filter eliminate all smell?

Yes, most people use carbon filters for their grow rooms for this reason: they diminish or even completely eradicate the smell.

Do carbon filters filter mold?

Carbon filters for grow rooms can help minimize odor, but they cannot prevent mold from growing.

Does carbon filter lower humidity?

Activated charcoal can help in humidity control. In the case of high humidity, however, an activated carbon filter is worthless.

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